How Jed I.T can help

We provde a range of managed I.T services and solutions – from onsite servicing to remote support. With over 30 years of experience, our team are experts at understanding the needs of your business.

Cyber Security

Businesses today need an effective and comprehensive cybersecurtty solution to protect themselves from ever changing cyber threats.

As experienced cyber security experts, we provide robust resistance to common threats through collective layers of protection.

Jed I.T premium enterprise-grade security solutions are guaranteed to protect your business.

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Data Protection

Jed I.T backup and recovery plans help protect your most precious business asset – your data.

We ensure your backup & recovery systsms are performed correctly, as these are pivotal to your success.

We also test recovery time, as this can vary greatly – depending on the system used.

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End User Support

Our team of experienced engineers will resolve your problems quickly, and efficiently.

We provide remote support nationwide, as well as on-site support in Auckland.

With a reliable I.T partner on hand, disruptions to your business will be minimised, and your overall productivity, along with system uptime, will improve.

Managed I.T Services

We know business owners are looking for ways to use technology to work smarter, be nimble, and improve the bottom line.

Lets face it, your I.T just needs to work!

Traditional I.T support has always been reactive – wait for something to fail, it becomes an emergency, then it’s fixed.

Which is stressful, and costly.

I.T systems now need to be monitored, and managed. But most businesses don’t have the internal expertise or capacity to do this.

Choosing a reliable I.T partner is a must for business success in todays climate.
We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to supporting your business. We’ll support your business with a custom-made support plan based on your individual requirements.

We help eliminate perpetual technical complications, so you can focus on your business operations.

Microsoft 365

We recognise Microsoft 365 as a leading Business Productivity Suite, and we’ve proudly helped many businesses understand its limitless value.

Microsoft 365 offers agility, functionality, flexibility and scalability.

And the subscription model enables you an affordable productivty pletform for your business.

We provide fully integrated services to transition businesses from their existing, restrictive systems, and offer onboarding solutions that allow continuity across all departments.

Improving Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi uses radiowaves, and these are easily interrupted by walls, doors, even furniture.

Even with the fastest fibre running to your premises, the router connecting your devices has to fight through alot.

Whether at work, your home office, or your home, we can assess your setup, and offer ways of improving the network, and your Wi-Fi.

Making it fast is our goal!

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About us

Who We Are

JED IT is a market leading innovator in
IT supply, Installations and Continuity assurance for small business and sole traders.

Providing Comprehensivé, Cost Efficient & Immediate I.T Supply, Support and State of the art protection. Our SWAP2 IT enables a perfect clone Replacement in 24hr or Less and our business package includes complimentary hardware even for a small business.

  • Orders unprocessed
  • Orders lost
  • Clients not serviced
  • Staff productivity & morale
  • Data lost
  • Billing delays
  • Reputation
  • Emotional cost
  • Remediation costs
  • Replacement costs
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Our Solutions

30+ years industry experience

I.T Assurance from just $121 per month.


  • New Laptop
  • Free Consult and supply proposal
  • All operational software and setup – includes Office 365 subscription
  • Domain name setup
  • 24×7 monitoring of cyber attacks
  • Protects your data
  • Includes general IT support
  • Daily Backups of your data
  • Enterprise-grade EDR anti-virus with Al
  • Password manager
  • Fraudulent website monitoring
  • Email security training
  • Vulnerability, remediation & mitigation
  • Email filtering (Office 365)
  • Free loan’SWAP 2 laptop with data restored – 24 hour
  • Annual service
  • Remote IT support 60
  • 36 month term

$227 per month

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  • Free Consult and Supply proposal
  • Health Check and operational Set Up
  • 24×7 monitoring of cyber attacks
  • Protects your data
  • Includes general IT support
  • Daily backups of your data
  • Enterprise-grade EDR anti-virus with Al
  • Password manager
  • Fraudulent website monitoring
  • Email security training
  • Vulnerability, remediation & mitigation
  • Email filtering (Office 365)
  • Free loan laptop with data restored
  • Annual service
  • Remote IT support 60
  • $0 setup fee
  • Laptop swap – 48 hour, $199 fee (each time)
  • 24 month term

$163 per month

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  • Free Consult and Supply proposal
  • Health Check and operational Set Up
  • Daily backups of your data
  • Enterprise-grade EDR anti-virus with Al
  • Password manager
  • Fraudulent website monitoring
  • Email security training
  • Vulnerability, remediation & mitigation
  • Remote IT support 30
  • $99 setup fee
  • 18 month term

$121 per month

I.T Assurance that every small business should have.

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We are a small-medium size business who have grown, and had to move from a basic home office to our business premises in central Auckland. We needed an I.T partner to help with this transition as it required a whole new set up. After some online research, we approached Jed I.T. Our knowledge of I.T was minimal, but Brendan was great at explaining simply what was needed in order to move forward for our business. Together we put a plan in place to have our office computers and systems set up, and to this day we have a great working relationship with Jed I.T. We have found them to be professional and reliable, especially if we have I.T issues that need to be resolved quickly. We recommend Jed I.T to anyone – whether it is a business or an individual looking for professional and dependable I.T support

Dahlia Forlong
Genesis Engineering 

“I find computer problems super frustrating. Before meeting Brendan at Jed I.T, I didn’t really understand or could keep up with the upkeep of my computer. As a result I had compounding I.T problems. My hesitations in using an I.T specialist was the language they often used – I felt confused with all the jargon. Jed I.T explained and delivered on all aspects of the support I needed. My I.T life is far better as I have a trusted partnership with Brendan and his team. I know he has my back with all things computer and internet related, and he did go out of his way to fix and solve my problems super fast.”

Tom Newton-Smith

“I recommend Brendan at Jed I.T for several reasons… if he doesn’t immediately know the answer he will find out; he is very quick to respond to “help” enquiries; he has helped me to save money and has recommended & updated my office program. And to top it all off Brendan’s charges are very competitive. It is so comforting to know you have an I.T specialist who knows his stuff, and is reliable.”

Carolyn Moore
Brand Identity Ltd

“Thanks for your help, Brendan, I feel my computer transactions are quite a lot safer now.”

Dr Margaret Bryce
Proprietor Bryce Chiropractic

“Dealing with Brendan in sourcing a laptop that fit my budget and system requirements was very easy. Brendan helped me understand the technology I was taking on board, made my experience easy and with full peace of mind. It was also way cheaper than I expected.”

Roharn Smith
Love Insurance Limited

“I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jed I.T again – it took over a month for us to decide to get help, and I only wish we’d done so sooner! I’d been struggling with Outlook on my PC, which had stopped downloading my emails on one account, and was in a big muddle with other spurious accounts that we couldn’t delete. Brendan used remote access to get to our computer (he didn’t need to come over), and very carefully checked he understood the problem and, more importantly, what we wanted him to do and what not to do. He was patient and didn’t make me feel stupid for asking simple questions. He totally solved the problem and I’m so relieved. He was speedy and professional. I thought it would be really expensive and difficult, but it was really reasonable and so quick and straightforward! I highly recommend using them.”

Sarah M

“First off , Brendan is a real efficient worker . Secondly the Wi-Fi booster made my life so much easier, I can access the internet in every corner of the house! With the original router I needed to actually physically get up and move closer to it to access YouTube.”

Benson S

“Brendan took on Apple for me. I had mislaid the password for my iPad and despite answering all the security questions correctly, i couldn’t open it. Brendan was very patient, and rang Apple several times. They eventually saw reason. I was very grateful to have the iPad back and going again. I cant’t thank Brendan enough. Many thanks”

Pauline W

“Small business owners! I can highly recommend Brendan from Jed I.T for any I.T issues plaguing your business. Brendan came out to help me sort my hideously unreliable internet connection to my home office studio down the back of our property. He understood immediately what my issue was, and was super helpful in suggesting solutions for me, and really patient as I worked through what was going to work the best for us. Super Fast Service, Super Efficient Solutions, Super Friendly to deal with and Super Great Communication – Super all round really! Brendan is now my go to I.T guy, no question is too small or too stupid, and he takes him time to make sure I fully understand and have systems and I.T processes that actually work for me! So great as a small business to have someone like him on-hand!”

Carrie Harman
Carrie Harman Branding

“Thanks Brendan for the wonderful service you provided. We now have first class Wi-Fi throughout the house. I would highly recommend your company to anyone having difficulty with their Wi-Fi”

Denise J

“Jed I.T are awesome – they are very easy to deal with, and very knowledgeable!! I definitely recommend them!!”

Jesse A

“If you want a superb option for your needs, value for money, immediate implementation and availability, then Jed I.T are your solution. Communication is fast, with easy to follow explanations for the non-tech-minded individuals and a friendly service. I highly recommend Jed I.T.”

Claire B

“Brendan from Jed I.T is fantastic to work with. He upgraded my workstation laptop to run Windows 10.

I also have a package with Jed I.T that includes 2 laptops backing up constantly.

This gives me peace of mind, as I have at least one of my laptops in the car most days, and I am at risk of losing days of work at a time if it gets stolen, or if I drop it.

Brendan is a pleasure to work with & he really knows his I.T stuff.”

Donna Johnston
Gubb Design Ltd

“I highly recommend Brendan Richardson from the Jed I.T.

Having just the one Apple laptop which I use for both work and private, I was anxious about my private emails and documents potentially being accessible to work computer technicians.

I was anxious about what I didn’t know about technology, company back up systems (of which I have an Apple box backup thingy in my home office) etc. and being about to embark on some personal coaching, it was important to me that confidentiality and privacy be ensured.

Brendan listened to my needs, asking any questions necessary to ensure complete clarity before offering and explaining various solutions for me to choose from.

I highly recommend Brendan for his expertise and his quick execution of logical, cost effective solutions.”

Fiona A

Great service and value! I highly recommend Brendan with his efficiency, and great communication which made it super easy and got me back to work quick! Thanks for setting up my tablet!

Timothy Meyer
Property Manager

Replacing the battery on my MacBook was fast and easy. Great service!

Josie F

Had amazing service with supplying some product for a customer of mine. Meeting all his requirements, which were well above my level of knowledge in specific I.T products

Richard de Vere
Beyond Electrical

“Brendan has been amazing at making my I.T life so much easier, and safer! Before working with Brendan, my work system was quite frankly all over the place. I had several subscriptions duplicating the same thing, and actually not really working for me. I also had no back up or cyber security set up. Enter Brendan with his knowledge, experience and calming demeanor and within a few days had everything sorted. Brendan takes time to explain things, and worked through everything step by step. This helped me feel compfortable, and always in control of things. I highly recommend Brendan and Jed I.T, thank you!”

Lindsay Kernohan
Sparks HR

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